In 1989, Peg Miller initiated the Women’s Team Golf Tournament, continuing to remain a popular annual event under the sponsorship of SCWAGA.  In June of 1992, she founded the Stark County Women's Amateur Golf Association, which was a natural progression resulting from the success of the Women's Team Golf Tournament.

Peg was one of the pioneers in junior girls' golf, enabling free golf instruction for junior girls in the Stark County area, preceding the inception of many of the girls' golf teams at the high school level for several years.  It was through her enlistment of 100 charter members that SCWAGA was able to financially support the junior girls' golf clinics and scholarships.  She was also the creator and author of a member’s newsletter and a scholarship program for college bound high school senior girls.

SCWAGA would not have been possible without Peg’s vision, dedication, and commitment to women’s amateur golf in Stark County.  She almost single-handedly implemented this association to promote and support golf for the women and girls of Stark County. 

Peg passed away at the age of 95 on January 12, 2022.  She will be remembered for her love of the game of golf and her dedication to the growth of women's amateur and junior girls' golf. 

Welcome to SCWAGA
(Stark County Women's 
Amateur Golf Association)
Canton, Ohio
Peg Miller
SCWAGA Founder
SCWAGA Purpose:  
"To promote and support 
golf for women and girls"